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Hank & Hound

Eco Doggy Bags

Eco Doggy Bags

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Dogs are cute and we know it. We also know how important it is for you to ensure the well-being of your dogs. As much as we appreciate everything you do for your fluffy beings all day every day, we also cannot forget our dog walkers and sitters. They love our pets just as their own. They would take care of them when we are at work, on vacation, stuck in a busy schedule, or any unforeseen situation. Sitting, walking, and picking up after our pups, feeding them, and even taking them to veterinarians, god forbid, in case of emergencies – they do it all. All of you are doing great in making the lives easier for our paw friends.

As we all know, plastic waste is destroying ocean life, terrestrial wildlife, and most of all human life. Unfortunately, the pet supplies industry also contributes to environmental pollution by creating toxic chemicals and microplastics. We all have a shared social responsibility to make our neighborhoods free of toxic waste. Pet Laud decided to address this universal problem. Introducing the most popular non-food supplies for dogs and cats is our goal while keeping in mind the preservation of our environment.


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